Commodity Exchange in Kenya

The Kenya National Multi Commodities Exchange (Komex) operates warehouses where farmers will deposit produce for storage pending a decision to sell when prices improve.This platform allows the interaction between the supplier and the trader or the consumer directly

Real Time and historical data about exchange trading and product data in different KOMEX warehouses

Real Time commodity prices about exchange trading

Our Objective

KOMEX Primary Goal

A Commodity Exchange is an organized “marketplace” where buyers and sellers come together to trade commodity related contracts following rules set by the exchange. The exchange provides an efficient modern trading system that protects the rights and benefits of sellers, buyers, intermediaries, and the general public.
The establishment of the Exchange in Kenya should finally be a private sector-led undertaking, with the concrete support and enabling environment provided by the public sector in various ways, such as policy and regulatory support, legal framework, and other measures.
KOMEX shall be regulated by the Capital Markets Authority. Powered by appropriate information and communications technology (ICT), the vibrant exchange will strengthen the vision to place Kenya as an African, and potentially global, powerhouse in ICT.

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