Commodity Grades & Standards for Export

Stage I:-

Stage II:-

Commodities Recommended

  • Is the commodity capable of being standardized in quality?
  • Can the quality parameter be objectively defined?
  • Can several quality standards be set?
  • Is there international bench mark quality?
  • Is the Commodity having sufficient tradable surplus?
  • Is the country self-dependent in the Commodity?
  • Can the export potential of Commodity high?
  • Can the commodity be stored for a reasonable period?
  • Is the commodity having a developed value chain?
  • Is the Commodity having sufficient number of Buyers and Sellers?
  • Are there sizable price fluctuations in the commodity?
  • In the commodity having international price parity/ Benchmarking?
  • Are the local value chain partners exposed to price risk?
  • Will the price risk management add to the value chain refinement?
  • Are there sufficient number of Buyers and Sellers to discover price correctly?